Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cool Blog Contest for all my Readers

There is a really cool scrapbook software that I recently had the opportunity to try. Now all of my blog readers (whichever blog you like) are able to participate in the contest I am running on that is completely free. The winner will get a free copy of the My Memories Suite v3. This is a $40 value, and there is absolutely no cost to enter. No purchase at all and it is easy to enter. This is an awesome software that I have been having a lot of fun with-well me and the kids are :) Come check it out and enter our contest-this is completely free, no strings attached. The link to the contest is here: Blog Contest-Scrapbook Giveaway. Good luck to everybody!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My cooking blog. I have been busy

As crazy as it may be I started yet another blog! This one is about cooking though so it is one that is all about good things LOL :) I have been a little crazy with tests at the cardiologist lately and of course shopping for the big turkey day. Can't wait to stuff myself and sit back half passed out. It's at my place this year so I get to clean, clean some more and then cook. Oh yeah and then clean some more! It is totally worth it though. Anyhow my new blog about cooking is located at

Happy Turkey Day :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

My new photo blog

Ok Ok so I know I have not been on this blog lately. There has been a lot going on. Story of my crazy life hahaha. I started taking more photos lately and I recently started a blog of different photos. The blog is still new but I have been having fun taking various pictures that I will be posting. My new blog is located at

Monday, August 24, 2009

I will be a year younger Saturday :)

The end of the kids summer is near. It is approaching the end of August and school starts back on the 31st this year not after labor day. Quiet days will be here again lol :) However with the end of August approaching that means that my birthday is almost here. Yup on Saturday I will be a year younger and this is the first time in years that I have not gone to Atlantic City on my birthday (although my bday didn't pass yet!) Yes for those of you who know me, you read this right do not shut down the computer and run and get an eye exam! So far I don't think I will be going to Atlantic City for my birthday. Not sure what I am going to do but ya know as old age is kicking in I may just want to relax on my back deck with the kids and have a cookout. The one thing I will be having on my birthday though is my ice cream cake. That too is a tradition, one that was started long before I knew what Atlantic City was. It is the only thing I ever ask for on my birthday. Though Red Lobster is sounding good too (hint hint wink wink.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Please help find a missing 11 year old girl!

Lindsey Baum was walking home on June 26th from a friends house but never made it home. Her profile was shown on America's Most Wanted on July 11th. I do not know her and live across the country from Washington State but I am helping to get the word out to as many people as I possibly can. Here is a link to a webpage that has more information including pictures of her I ask that you help spread the word to as many people as you can. Thank you and our thoughts are on the family and their little girls safe return!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few friends

I have been walking alot as there is a lot to do around me. Decided to walk down to the river today, thought the girls would enjoy it. As soon as we got down by the river we had a few friends fly in to visit! I have seen many geese before but never any brave enough to come within a foot of me. They must've thought that we had food :) This was really cool to watch some of them flew in, some floated in and some snuck in (or thought they were sneaking in.) The one standing up in front was actually hissing which was hysterical. The bottom picture also had a couple of ducks behind the geese. It was a very nice adventure to the river but boy were they disappointed when they saw we had no food.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The perfect rainbow

I was driving the bus one nice evening as usual. It started out to be a beautiful day nice blue sky not too hot when all of a sudden the sky turned a funny color. There were a couple of rain drops and then suddenly a downpour. The sky started to clear before the rain stopped so now we were having a nice sun shower. Well I came up to a traffic light and directly in front of me was the perfect rainbow. Well the most perfect I have seen. It went end to end a perfect half circle and the colors were very distinct not at all blurred together. I took a picture through the bus window however it did not turn out as nice as I wanted so I pulled into the parking lot got out and took another. It was a lot closer then it appeared here as my phone has a hard time with pictures on a smaller resolution so I could not zoom in. Just wanted to share these pictures as I thought it was a very nice rainbow. I did ask a couple of my passengers if we should drive to the end with a shovel to see if we could find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Wells Fargo Story

Many people know this story already however there are millions who don't. Unfortunately there are thousands (that I know of) who share a similar story with this poor excuse of a bank. If you have had a similar problem please do share as I am looking to hopefully start a class action suit against them.
I bought a van in May of 2007 and Wells Fargo Auto Finance was my lien holder. Little did I know then that this would be the worst mistake I could have ever made. The first couple of months of having the loan I mailed my payments in plenty of time for them to receive the payment on time. However every time I mailed it, Wells never received it. Well so they say. So they would call me tell me I was past due and had to make a payment over the phone right away-which has a $20 fee of course. Then I decided to just eat the cost of the phone payment fee every month just so they received the payment on time-or so I thought would be on time. I would make the payment which would come out of my bank account the next day but did not post to my account for a couple weeks, causing me to have a late fee and over phone payment fee. Couldn't pay it on their website without a Wells Fargo bank account which is the first time I ever encountered this!! Finally got smart and tired of all the late fees and them reporting to credit agency that I am late every month when it was paid on time so I signed up for the online bill pay with my bank. My bank would take the money out of my account and automatically pay my van payment.
Well couple months after I started this I started getting calls from their collection agency telling me I was well over 31 days past due. WTF??? So I explained to the lady that I could provide proof that the payments were being made and that they had just received a payment 4 days before this call. Yeah they were getting the payments however they had decided to take out an insurance policy against my loan without my knowledge (claiming they mailed me a letter.) So at the same time frame that I started to pay them through the bank-no fees they can collect-all of a sudden they took my monthly payments and paid an insurance policy with the payment. Yup causing me to "be significantly late" as my payments were not being applied to my account. Told me that my insurance company called them and said I did not have insurance so they took a policy out. In my state you cannot drop your insurance on a vehicle with a loan. The insurance company will not drop it without proof of another policy. Was ridiculous. So being annoyed them not caring that they messed up my credit and claiming this was all my fault I told them that they better come pick up the van or I will drive it to Nevada and park it up someone's ass. Yeah I was mad. 3 months later the van still sits here. :(
Paying insurance because I cannot drop it.
I am looking into different lawyers to start up a class action suit as I have seen way too many people go through this. Yes I would benefit more from a single lawsuit however it would not stop them from doing this again where a class action suit will help thousands more people in the future and that will be more beneficial and rewarding.
If you have had a problem with Wells Fargo Auto Finance please contact me or leave a quick comment here so we can see what we can do for everybody.

If you are looking to buy a car, invest in securities, buy a house or anything, do not use Wells Fargo!!! They have class actions suits in all of their departments and even employees have class action suits against them.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sands in Bethlehem to open in May

I am happy to announce that Sands Bethlehem will be opening on May 22nd!! Their stocks (LVS) will probably be going up shortly before they open. Also Emeril is opening a restaurant in the casino, this is worth going to for me :) This is his first restaurant on the east coast and I can't wait to be one of his first customers! I promise I will try not to get into too much trouble while here I don't feel like using my profit from their stock to bail my happy you know what out of jail. Besides something tells me that the food is going to be good, I don't want to be removed from the building :) That said I guess I will behave that night. Anyway just wanted to share that info for anybody who will be close enough to catch them opening night or anybody that may be interested in keeping an eye on their stock. I by no means guarantee a profit from their stock, investors should do their own research before buying a stock.
Have a great day

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Life has been crazy, yes more crazy then me if that seems like a possibility! I promise I have not been cheating on you wonder people who happen to stumble upon this blog of my life. No worries I only cheat on Wawa (shhh) occasionally at lunch time. I have been busy with life and investing in the stock market. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and apologize for the lack of attention my blogs have been going through. I hope they can forgive me!
I also started a new blog about investing it is located at Feel free to stop by and grab advice or share advice. Hope to see you there, have a wonderful day!
And don't stay out of trouble it is no fun however make sure you stay out of the police reports, that kind of trouble is no good :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Intelligence at it's best

This guy is a prime example of intelligence :) I wish this was a joke however this is for real. I was parked in the far end of a parking lot figured I was way out of the way as I take up more then 1 parking spot with this beast. This older gentleman was upset that I was parked here like it was a parking spot with his name on it or something. There were like a thousand other parking spots to choose from but he happened to want one of the ones that I was taking up with this bus. He first tried to parallel park behind my bus and in front of a coworkers bus. Now why he wanted to park this little car sideways instead of pulling into a spot is way beyond me. He had more then enough room to parallel park if that is what he really wanted to do. He got out of his car in the middle of attempting his parking job (take note you could've parallel parked two cars this size and he couldn't do it with one.) Looks all pissed off and looks at us then looks at the bus. Told him he was ok between the buses and that he had plenty of room. He gets back into his car and I thought he was driving off. Oh no he drove around the front of my bus and landed his car right here next to my bus. Then gets out takes his shirt off puts on another and throws his keys on the ground and walks away. Now me laughing hysterically at his stupidity yelled "well sir I hope I don't hit your car that is illegally parked as I have a tail swing on this bus. Oh and I hope your keys are still there when you come back!" It really does have a tail swing and a new driver probably would've hit his car but I know how to get it out of such a situation. As you notice he was so close that I almost could not get into my passenger door which is the only way to get into bus. Thank god I am skinny though even I scratched my butt along his car getting in the bus. Oh well he shouldn't have been so "intelligent"!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I survived Christmas 2008!

Phew, made it through another Christmas season!! I probably gained a few more greys (shh don't tell anyone) but I made it. Ok ok so I probably gained more then a few but who is counting. Don't get me wrong I like Christmas and all but wow people are crazy. I am not one that enjoys shopping at any point of time so holiday shopping can really be a dreaded task. People this year were killing each other for toys and all that crazy crap! Is a stupid toy worth it??? No I don't think so. It's almost like the ladies that fight you for the slot machine in a casino (ya know the ones playing 3 machines at a time) and then spend all their money in the machine and not even get any money back. Then you laugh at them especially if you found one that wins (ok maybe thats just me that does that.)

Anywho made it through the overeating, the rushing around to the family's house and the living room that will take months to look the same. I really put up a good fight to exercise my right to a living room that I can at least step foot in without stepping on polly pocket however it was a losing battle. That's ok though because it is worth the look on kids faces when they see all the presents that Santa brought them. Of course you end up with wrapping paper, plastic, boxes and toys from one end of the room to another but hey at least the kids are happy. It is really amazing how much time people put into preparing themselves for Christmas and then the day comes and poof it is over for a full year. Can we understand how glad I am that Christmas only comes once a year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Way to go Liners!!!

WOW!!! I was sitting at my computer doing a little work and googling when I heard sirens. Not very uncommon by me. Then I see the flashing lights through my window so of course I have to be nosey! I poke my head out by the window and see a whole trail of flashing lights, ok my first thought was somebody did it but then I realized they were moving to slow to be rushing to the scene of a crime. So I continued to watch and next came a trail of school buses then a charter bus. Then a bunch more fire trucks. Thought to myself hmm they take their football seriously but wow! Then there was a trail of cars with proud parents following with their 4-ways on. Went outside to check it out and found out that our team had won the state championship!!
Go Liners!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

I hope everybody had a happy turkey day! If you are like me you are getting home and changing into lounge clothes(which are loose fitting.) I ate so much I had to unbutton my pants, pretty much expected that though I do it every year! You would think that would learn in my age but no I have to overeat to the point where I have a belly ache. Then I sit back because my pants are too tight when I sit forward and my stomache feels like it is going to explode! But it is all good. Have to try a little of everything right? Do you think I will wise up and take it easy next year? I would like to say yes as I am sitting here feeling sympathy for the stuffed turkey as I am more stuffed then it was. The proper answer to the question though is probably hell no I will feel the same next year. Haven't learned in 32 years what is another year going to change?
Anyhow, hope everybody had a great day and I will see you next time you show up :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well the time has come for halloween again! My favorite time of the year fall has arrived and it's time to go out and get candy with my kids. Yeah yeah yeah I'm a big kid but you guys who know me should already know that! Candy candy candy oh yeah got to think about something else. Anyhow everybody have fun this halloween and be safe. Do not eat anything that is not fully wrapped as good as it might look remember there are a lot of sick people out there. And try to get lots of candy oh no I started to think about candy again. Bad Chicky :)
So have a Happy Halloween and don't do anything I wouldn't do, oh wait I'm not really the person to use as an example in that statement! Just be safe and stay out of the police reports!